One of the most popular online topics in the last ten years in regards of the finance sector, more precisely trading, are the automatic earning services.

We want to tell you about an automatic system that we have added to our very interesting portfolio called Quantic RS.

This is a totally automatic software that trades for you with extreme precision and security, avoiding all those who are human errors.

Taking advantage of them will be really simple, just register on the partner broker which operate the account, deposit a minimum amount of 1000 €, connect your account to the strategy and start copy trading.

There are no restrictions, the service is free.

There are no additional costs or performance fees.

But let’s try to go into more detail by investigating all the aspects that surprised us in Quantic RS.

One of the fundamental points that must be taken into account when deciding to make an investment in the trading market is to ensure that you can view a certified history track record history.

The currently most authoritative source for the retail audience in the forex market is FxBlue.

This platform certifies the results of a trading account, and acts as a business card for its own operations, allowing the interested user to be able to view all the data relating to the strategy of his interest and the results obtained.

Quantic RS has a certified FxBlue.

We report it below:

Within their wonderful website (one of the best websites we have seen in circulation) you can view a video presentation (as shown in the following image) and further very interesting details that you can also find in their Telegram Channel Italian official:

Directly from their site, we report a brief description:

“Quantic RS is a team of professional traders and software developers with over 5 years of experience in Forex and in programming systems based on artificial intelligence:

“Gravity is an Automatic Trading System based on classic indicators combined with constantly updated digital filters. It is able to operate on news with a high economic impact through an artificial intelligence system based on OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) that frequently scans the tweets of the major political influencers, quickly intercepting important news that allow us to predict the direction of the market in the short term with a probability of 95% “.

By contacting them in chat, (they are present on Telegram, Messenger and Whatsapp) we asked them further questions that you will find below:

How can the software be so precise and quick in carrying out the operations?

Quantic RS: “After several years of experience, programming and testing in the forex industry, we have identified a number of inefficiencies in the currency markets that occur between the various major currencies.

The software has the task of scanning the market 24 hours a day, identifying the instants in which certain conditions occur that allow us to have up to 95% of operations in profit ”

But is it necessary to be very quick to carry out operations of this type?

Quantic RS: “Absolutely yes. Without an ultra-fast IT infrastructure, it would be impossible to exploit these market conditions in our favor.

Can you describe your infrastructure?

Quantic RS: “Of course. Our offices are located in the City (London – UK). We use a technology called FIX API in symbiosis with ultra-fast zero-dispersion optical fiber installed specifically for this kind of operation, which allows us to perform operations under 2 ms latency.

How important is it to have the right Broker to be able to carry out such a result?

Quantic RS: “Very interesting and insightful question. The Broker is perhaps the most important part of our system. Before being able to close the partnership with our current partner, we requested a collaboration from countless leading brokers in the sector, failing to obtain what we needed to be able to carry out a certain type of operation.

We needed an ultra-fast platform, which would allow us to be directly connected to the market on the Liquidity Provider and, more importantly, it would give us the possibility of obtaining instant execution.

How much have you invested to create your very high performance IT infrastructure?

Quantic RS: “The entire IT infrastructure required an initial investment of over £ 500,000”

How much is the capital connected to this Copy Trading on your Broker Partner to date?

Quantic RS: “To we count several million euros with hundreds of satisfied customers spread all over the world”

What is your concept of trading on the financial markets and especially in the Forex arena?

Quantic RS: “We have specialized in the Forex currency market over the years. Our trading concept is based on extremely low risk for each individual trade in order to obtain an adequate return. Trades must last a few seconds or at most a few minutes.
Every day our Equity remains free, avoiding to carry out open operations overnight.

How much is your monthly return on average?

Quantic RS: “Net of the commissions that are used to pay agents and our company, based on the history of our performance, the client obtains an average monthly return between 3% and 10%”

-To date, how much is the maximum drawdown you have been exposed to?

Quantic RS: “This data can be viewed in a totally transparent way on our real account certified by FxBlue. Today it stands at a maximum drawdown of 6% with a registered ROI of over 800%.

Well, thank you Quantic RS for answering our questions.

We advise you to further explore this fantastic opportunity which aims to expand more and more in a totally transparent, serious and professional way. We wish you a good automatic trading.