People often find difficulties in paying their bills online. With the sudden shift to digital platforms during the pandemic, everything is being somewhat forced on the users. However, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to Vodafone Idea postpaid bill payment. It is all very simple. What is really needed is an open mindset and an urge to know about the payment platforms? If a 5-year old can find his way around your smartphone, why can’t you? Do you know how to look at your payment history? It is really easy to do that. Let us check the different ways to check your payment history.

You can do so on the Vi app

If you are used to making your Vodafone Idea postpaid bill payment on this app, you can use it to see your payment history. Let’s see how you could do that. If you do not have the app downloaded on your phone, do so first. Make sure to register yourself. You should already have it done if you were using the app for payments. Now you have to go to the Main Menu. You would find ‘Bills and Payments’ under there. You need to tap on that and you would find your previous payments there. You can check your pst transactions and the bills you had to pay for the last months.

How to view your payment through other apps?

If you are not using the Vi app, you need not need to be worried. Take Paytm for instance. Be it the app or the web, you will find a menu on the top left beside the Paytm logo. When you click on Orders & Bookings, you will find a section named ‘Recharge & Bills’. This section will show you the relevant details. On PhonePe, you will find a History section in the bottom right. After you click on it, you will be able to set Categories to ‘Recharge & Bill Payments’ and tap on Apply. Now you will be able to see prior Vodafone Idea postpaid bill payment.

You might be making your payment through different payment gateways. It really does not matter where you make the payments. Most of the places will have a record of the payments that you have made – the amount, the vendor to whom you have paid, the date and time, and even the mode that was used to make the transaction. There will most probably be a ‘Recharge and Bill Payment’ section somewhere. You will find the transaction history somewhere over there.

How can you do so on the Airtel payments bank platform?

If you are looking to save some money on this front, make sure to use the Airtel Payments Bank platform for your Vodafone Idea postpaid bill payment. This platform will allow you to have cashback. Also, you can solve your problem too. Yes, this platform will allow you to view your payment history once you log in. You would have the transaction details, the date, and the mode of payment that you used. If you are looking forward to enjoying a good service in terms of airtel, Jio recharge, bill payments, cashback, and user experience, the Airtel Payments bank is the place to be.

These are some of the ways you can see your Vodafone Idea payment history.