In recent years, mutual fund investment has made it the list of the best investment options for all investors. There is no doubt that investing in mutual funds is an excellent idea, but most people are not aware of an equity mutual fund and how they can make most of their mutual fund investment. We will not go deep into mutual funds or SIP as we will only cover the seven basics of mutual fund investment in this article.

What is equity mutual fund?

Equity funds are the ones that are invested in stocks. In simple words, you invest in equity stocks with various individuals who share the same investment objective. A fund manager invests your fund in bringing profitable outcomes.

Past-Performance of The Mutual Funds:

History is significant. Therefore you must evaluate the past track records of your fund manager and mutual fund. We all know that mutual funds are subject to market risk; hence your investment is not certain. But by knowing your fund manager and their records, you can at least clear your expectations for the future. As a newbie, you will not understand some key technical terms, but past performance will help you understand market volatility. It is also important to use one or two-year return patterns of mutual funds before finalizing the decision.

Do You Have What It Takes To Earn?

It is important to take the risk to earn from mutual funds. You have to evaluate your risk potential before you invest in mutual funds. It is important to check the mutual fund scheme lies under your risk potential. Various mutual fund schemes come with high risk and high return tags. You have to make yourself ready for both scenarios. It is recommended for all the newcomers to go with mutual funds, which offer less risk.


When you invest in mutual funds, you are also open to making selections and diversification. One can either go with options where you can invest in different portfolios or balance your portfolio. It is important to reduce your exposure to risks.

Fund Manager Experience:

A successful mutual fund defines the quality, knowledge, and experience of the fund manager. You must always be in close touch with your AMC (Asset Management Company) or fund manager to reduce your risks and get detailed insights about the market. You should also not decide on a specific fund, but you should go with consistent managers.

Read Read Read!!!

Before signing off any contract with the fund manager or the AMC Company, you have to read every line of prospectus and documentation to ensure that you are partnering with the right team.


If the fund offers higher returns, your fund manager may demand higher costs; therefore, it is important to calculate the reward and returns ratio for better earnings.


Mutual funds offer higher returns with time; therefore, you should invest in them if you want to become a millionaire in one day. If you ever get a chance to meet an experienced investor, they will always mention the term patience because it is vital for your investment to grow.